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What in the world is Autophagy?

What in the world is Autophagy?

Autophagy, what is it, never heard of it, cannot even pronounce it, but it’s a lifesaver. Yes, you can actually train your body to eat itself, that’s the definition of Autophagy, self-eating, and it is an awesome feeling.

What happens is your body’s cells create membranes that look for scraps of sick worn out cells; gobble them up like “pac-man” and recycle them and use them for parts resulting in energy to create new cell parts..

“Think of it as our body’s innate recycling program,” says Colin Champ, M.D., a board-certified radiation oncologist, assistant professor at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.  “Autophagy makes us more efficient machines to get rid of faulty parts, stop cancerous growths, and stop metabolic dysfunction like obesity, diabetes and even Alzheimers.”

Autophagy has personally helped me, the Messenger of Health, shed 48 inches in 6 months and 17lbs that no other diet or exercise program was ever able to do, and I have tried EVERYTHING.  It also helps with inflammation and improves your immune system and brain function.

Without this efficient system, cells could become choked with “carbage: garbage plus carbohydrates and bad protein”  and malfunction or die. Most metabolism researchers think that the process evolved in response to the stress of starvation; cells would round up and consume  bits of themselves to keep the rest of the cell alive.


How can I start this process? Will it hurt me? Is there side-effects?

1st step is usually the hardest for some:  

Lower your carbohydrates, increase your fats, eat moderate amount of proteins:

It’s called Ketosis, and it’s an increasingly popular diet when Dr Atkins was alive in and people were all doing low carb diets.   The idea is to reduce carbohydrates to such low levels that the body has no choice but to use fat as a fuel source instead. However our method is a cleaner different way than Dr. Atkins with wiser food choices we will help you with.

You will eat high fat ,moderate protein, and  low carb, most women do best under 20 grams a day, men about 50 grams a day.  We do this for about 2-4 weeks to rid your body of the toxins and excess glucose and get you to be a “fat-burning” machine while retaining muscle.

 Once adapted you won’t feel hungry, you can go on for hours without reaching for a snack and then you know you are ready to FAST!!!


No I am not going to tell you to drink “juices” to cleanse as eating as this works against Autophagy. There are many ways to fast and I have done many of them.  I started with Intermittent Fasting(IF) once I was fat adapted. I ate twice daily, dinner by 6pm and not eating again until lunch and then again at dinner by 6pm, eating in that 6 hour window, no snack, high fat, moderate protein and low carbohydrate regimen I will prepare for you.

I then did a 24 hour fast easily and felt I could go longer and I did the following week I did a 3 day fast. WOOHOO I reached Autophagy, day 2 not so easy but then you feel like a “Superhero” able to leap over buildings and solve every problem”. I had that much energy and focus.  I didn’t want to stop but thought, well that should be enough to clean up the inflammation issues…it did the eczema gone, shoulder pain I had suffered disappeared, along with 48 inches.

 I had pink himalayan salt under tongue periodically with lots of water and few teaspoons of MCT oil to help through the fast.

Results: It improved my cognitive function,  energy all day long, no afternoon slump, no more hypoglycemic reactions, no more eczema, and I shed 17 lbs and 48 overall inches that plagued me for a decade.  I was in ketosis and have been for 6 months. Extended 4-5 days fasts also were performed as I wanted to get rid of all sick cells and increase my metabolism and my brain’s production of growth hormone. ( up to 2,000 percent in men and 1,300 percent in women.). I didn’t want my fast to end because Autophagy ends upon eating and so do the GH effects…but we must feast after a fast to re-feed your body so you can build healthy new cells on your new foundation.

Do I have to give up everything?

In a word YES! If you want to reverse cellular damage and rebuild stronger healthier cells and have a slimmer leaner body and improved mental clarity, you have to try it! What do you have to lose..no pun intended.

I do not regret it and I will never go back to my old lifestyle.  I know there are many weight loss clinics, programs, protocols and everyone is looking for a magic pill and spend billions of dollars in search of it.

So let’s go, who wants to REPAIR, RECYCLE and REGROW a HEALTHIER YOU!!! Just invest in a nutritional coaching with the Messenger of Health and I will help you through it and it’s done with real food from a store and no pills or prescriptions.


Recycle your cells, rebuild and regrow…let’s go!!


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