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Are you a sugar burner or a fat burner

Are you a sugar burner or a fat burner

Is your Body running on Sugar or Fat?

How can you tell if you’re a “fat-adapted” person or a “sugar-burner”?

Have you ever wondered if you are a carb junkie?  Why you can’t go hours without eating?  Do you have stubborn weight that won’t budge?  Do you snack?   Do you feel tired after you eat?  These questions are mostly answered YES and that means you ar a Sugar Burner, like the majority of us.

We were designed to feast and fast.  Cavemen did it, fat is a great source of energy!  Most people are carbohdyrate and sugar dependent and it’s not YOUR fault.

American’s diets changed in the late 60’s and 70’s to include snacks, frozen dinners, take out restaurants, preserveratives, and Mom was going to work daily and no longer preparing meals from scratch..

The farmers were now forced to use wheat and corn and the seeds have been genetically  modified for mass production.   These two sources were fed to the animals we eat as well.  So the cycle repeats itself.  Obesity started little by slowly becoming a major contributing factor to a host of illnesses from high cholesterol and diabetes to name a few.

A sugar-burner cannot access stored body fat for energy therefore, the inability for skeletal muscle to oxidize fat. You could always just burn glucose (sugar) for energy.  What happens when a sugar-burner goes a few hours without food or misses a whole entire meal, they get hungry. Now your own FAT tissue even releases a bunch of fatty acids 4-6 hours after eating and during fasting, because as far as your body is concerned, your muscles should be able to oxidize them. Once the blood sugar is all used up, hunger sets in, and the hand reaches for a bag of chips or something sweet.

A sugar-burner can’t effectively access dietary fat for energy because they always have insulin coming in because of their current meal choices. As a result, more dietary fat is stored than fat actually burned.

A sugar-burner depends on a quick source of energy. Reach for a chocolate protein bar for example thinking it is a healthier option.

A sugar-burner will burn through glycogen during exercise. But if you’re able to workout as fat as your fuel, that gives you more glycogen – fuel for later for more intense efforts (like Crossfit)

Sugar-burners waste their glycogen on efforts that fat would easily be more accessable to give you more power.

Now back to what Fat adapted means:

Your entire body will use fat as it’s primary source, your brain, muscle, liver, organs, etc. It takes about several weeks to be fully fat adapted with my coaching and guiding you and providing you food menu choices.

Once you become fat adapted, you can burn stored fat for energy throughout the day.
You will be able to intermittent fast and miss meals without carbohydrate cravings or energy crashes.
A fat-burning person is able to effectively oxidize dietary fat for energy. If you’re adapted, fat oxidation will be increased to about 80%, and less dietary fat will be stored in adipose tissue.
A fat-burning person has plenty of accessible energy on hand, even if you are at goal weight.
When you become fat adapted your genes associated with lipid metabolism will be up-regulated in your skeletal muscles and flip that switch from sugar to fat burner and increasing your metabolism and regenerating your body.
A fat-burning person can rely more on fat for energy during exercise, sparing glycogen for when you really need it.

You will have metabolic flexibility after all you can go hours without eating, imagine what you do with all that time and energy??!!

No more midday slumps and reaching for snacks or coffee to make it through your work day.

You can exercise without carb-loading and burn more fat than you would if you ate carbohydrates.

The Fat Burning Person can reverses insulin resistance, without any drops in sugar levels which means no need to snack.

You will be building muscle and repairing and rebuilding new cells.

You will have improved sleep and even burn more fat while sleeping as your metabolism has now improved.

If you want to know how to change your body from a sugar burner to a fat burner and know what foods keep you on the journey to repairs and rebuilding your immune system and loosing weight as well, click the link for a consult today.

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