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Why Invest In A Consultation?

Why Invest In A Consultation?

The Messenger of Health will consult with you about various topics such as becoming aware of methods that could change your life, including detoxification, nutrition, alternative natural remedies, fasting, ketosis, weight loss and typical results to expect on the program that is customized for your needs.  Everyday you are bombarded with advertisements and articles on the web, television and latest and great diet books, and then wonder what is just hype and what is true?  Do you know what foods are right for you, what food sensitivies you may have, what supplement choices are suitable for your specific needs; and what about the side effects?

In your first consultation, I will help you make the right decisions in food and supplement choices.  I have taken away the guess work out of Fad diets” and what may work and why fad diets do not work long-term.  We will touch briefly on the obesity problem in today’s culture and what’s hidden behind such a huge epidemic of weight increase in our society today.

I have 12 years of knowledge, trained and educated in nutrition, and most of all, I am qualified to advise you how to improve your health through a change in lifestyle.  I am also a testimony of losing 80 pounds myself.   Let me help you with a diet assessment and direct you on the necessary changes you need to make to reach your goal… 

The Messenger of Health:

  1. provides nutritional counseling in person, over the phone, Skype, or working through email correspondence.
  2. performs follow up on client’s request for more information and assists you with necessary information to achieve your wellness goal.
  3. performs local lectures and holds local health seminars in private homes, clubs, and local churches.
  4. Markets nutritional and health related products you can purchase online or at local store. 

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